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‘Hard work is the key to success’ and smart work is the key to be on top!

Hard work always pays but when it is accompanied with smart work, it pays more. This difference between just hard work and smart hard work can be evidently seen in the way in which Punjabi’s have progressed. We have a story to validate what we are saying!

Karan J Singh - Jatt MarketerKaran J Singh, a Jatt by birth has done everything to prove how smart work helped him travel the journey from farming to successful IT venture. A post graduate in Computer Applications, Karan started his first move by going to Singapore to handle his family run investment business and started working there as Investment Consultant in Singapore Nifty, besides working with Sharekhan in India. Amidst investment and farming, a part of his mind was always inclined towards the world of web which eventually landed him in it as a freelance SEO consultant in 2006.

For his career in IT industry, things were favourable enough to help him work with the most renowned internet marketing gurus of the time-Anik Singal and Ritoban Chakrabarti. He has worked on very successful products with them-Profit Instruments, CPA Instruments, Income Instruments, IM Lobby, IM Target, Lethal Commission, Live Coaching Programs and Training Webinars, to name a few. In fact his successful career as a webinars host and internet marketing coach took off from here!

His vision was always to do something big in the IT industry and this Jatt lived remarkably well to his dreams. Learning immaculately and grasping things quickly, Karan soon became a part of Net Cradle Private Limited as an Internet Marketing Executive, where he worked for almost a year.

Before exploring his skills as Internet Marketing Coach at MarkAce Marketing Private Limited where he handled a team of more than 15 people, Karan had also worked with Momentum Infotech for more than a year.

Along with all this, Karan also tried his hands on ethical hacking and has done a course in Ethical Hacking. He has been associated with numerous organizations for the same, at both national and international levels.

Intellectual growth and intense dedication at every step in his IT career of eight years made Karan give shape to his actual dream. Doing more than only working for his job, Karan came out with the concept of creating an internet marketing learning platform for the common people in mind. A platform for people who want to earn money from Internet marketing but cannot afford to spend huge bucks on learning the intricacies involved in the field!

This vision led to the inception of Jatt Marketer, a concept with a unique philosophy to work for the people, of the people and by the people.

Now, if you are wondering what is Jatt Marketer, then here is your answer:

Jatt Marketer is a remarkable platform from where you will get Internet Marketing products that will never fall heavy on your pocket. You can learn how to make money, by utilizing the Products & services offered here.

What are those services?

  • Live Coaching Programs – to help you understand the minute details of Internet Marketing
  • Training Webinars – to help you learn in an effective manner
  • Social Media Packages – to help you always stay a step ahead of your competitors
  • Brand Management – to ensure that you are always positively visible
  • Premium Content Writing Services – to help you stay on top in search engine results
  • Business packages – for your overall business development

Thinking beyond making money for self, the vision of Jatt Marketer is focused on working hand in hand for our clients to move on the path of mutual growth.

We design products keeping in mind the latest internet marketing trends, requirements of people and their budget. You can count on us for the latest and most economical Internet Marketing packages.

Get in touch with us to experience the change!

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