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Dedicated to excellence, Parul loves his work like cricket fans love Sachin. Besides his family, internet marketing is the only thing for which he can compromise his food and sleep. His expertise lies in delivering the best, even if he is asked to work on something that he has never done, which means things other than Internet Marketing, WordPress, Adsense, Affiliate Marketing.

Sales call??? Make It Your Cup Of Online Tea!

Have you ever thought of calling people as an important part of your online ventures? The trend of the web points out social media platforms as the most wanted way of making contact and developing business ideas. It’s time to bust a myth and tell you that some clever online

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Use Your Intelligence And Get Your Business Going

A successful business requires strategic planning and integration of intelligent ideas which are innovative enough to take you one step ahead of the competition. You have all the data and resources that you might require to make your business run effectively. But do you know how to utilize this data?

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The Clandestine of Becoming A Successful Content Writer

Content has emerged as the most important aspect of internet marketing. Considering the fact that Google has declared content as the untamed king, there has been rise in the demand of quality content in the web world. This is the reason why content writers have become such an important and

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Powerful Words to Halt Your Visitors !

Words play magnets for very first time visitors. Mostly you see people following few websites happily, talking enthusiastically about blogs, spreading word about the blogs they have read and you wonder how are people able to create such impactful write ups? Like stories of life, each word has a story

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Boost Your Business Sales and Revenue With Twitter

Twitter can help in boosting your business sales and revenues. One question that rises here instantly is, how? Well, if stats are to be believed then – 1/3rd of twitter users of the world follow at least one or more brands 67% of these users actually buy  from the brands

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