Best ways to save your website from Google’s Web Spam Sherriff !!

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Google always has its own way of doing things. And, in its voyage to root out ‘Black Hat SEO Tactics’, Google came up with the latest update in its Web spam Sherriff’s (Penguin Algorithm) armory in the form of ‘Penguin 2.0 Update’.

Before we move into the topic of discussion, it is important for you to actually have an idea as to What is the significance of Penguin Updates, and what this latest 2.0 Penguin update is all about?’

Released on May 22, 2013 these updates focus on making the websites helpful for the users. And, to achieve this Google is going to p    enalize ‘Spammy Websites’ i.e. the websites which are of no use for the users, thus making the internet a better place for the users in search of good information about something.

Get your website ready for Penguin 2.0

The update has had a massive impact on the web world, and a number of websites have lost their rankings. If you are also amongst those, whose websites have been penalized by this Webspam Sherriff, then here are some sure shot tips, which are going to help you recover from the punishment –

1. Focus on Content – The newly crowned King by Google –

Content is king

Content is something that fetches the attention of the visitors instantly. And, this is something that Google has kept into consideration. A website with poorly written content holds no good for the users, and therefore Google has given major emphasis on the quality of content in its Panda 2.0 update. So, if you want to get back your place amongst the top search results, then you must emphasize on generating ‘interesting, unique and high quality content’ for your website. After all, Content is The King, as far as Google is concerned!

2. Part ways with poor links – Google has punished the websites which have back links to Spammy websites. Therefore, to get back in Google’s good books, you need to part away links with those poor or spam websites. If you are wondering how to categorize websites into good and bad, then below mentioned is a list of factors that can help. According to Google, you need to get rid of –

  • Farm or paid links
  • Link from websites which are unsuitable
  • Links from websites which are not relevant to your site
  • Link from websites which use poorly or over optimized anchor text

And, if you have such links already for your website, and wondering how to get rid of them, then Google has a solution for that as well. Google’s Disavow Links Tool is going to be the best help for you in this!

3. Lay emphasis on ‘Anchor Text’ – Unlike past times when anchor text was simply the keywords, Google has now changed the trends. Let us take an example for this. If was writing a post on men’s clothing range, then it is obvious that I would use ‘Men’s clothing range’ in the anchor text. However, this is not the case now.

Importance of Anchor Text

With this latest Penguin 2.0 update, Google actually sends a message to utilize ‘white noise anchor text’. What this means is that you use some phrase that matches with the keyword, rather than using the exact keyword, and remove the palpable.

Besides all these using social endorsements from Google+ can also prove to be a great help. What I mean to say here is that basically you need to +1 all your latest posts which you are going to put on Google+. What this will do is help your website’s search engine optimization, as Google’s spiders will now not need to crawl the blog after every time you publish some content. After all, Google gives priority to shares on Google+ as compared to Facebook and Twitter.

For those of you, who are looking to get back on track after being hit by this Webspam Sherriff 2.0, the above mentioned piece of information is going to be the best help. So, start with the reincarnation work of your website today!

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