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Decoding The Challenges – Finding The Right Niche!

In my recent webinar, most of my students asked for assistance in finding profitable niches for their online business. Considering the real fact that most of the popular niches are already taken, selecting one can be really a tedious task. Instead of giving solution to couple of solution seekers, I

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Use Your After Sales Email For Expansion in Marketing

Do you believe in sending follow-up emails? If yes, then how much time do you think you invest in composing an after sales or how we better know it, a follow up email. Most of the after sales mails we write are generally lost in attending other tasks and consist

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An Insight into Paid Marketing and its Benefits

Moving straight with the topic of our discussion, let us take a look at some amazing statistics which will put your glance on how much impact paid search leaves on marketing. In a survey conducted by Kenshoo, it was found that when target audience were subjected to paid search along

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Four Mainstays of Successful Mobile Marketing

Making a Win Win mobile marketing strategy is no rocket science! All you need to have is the basic understanding of the principles that make mobile marketing such a powerful tool. If you have no idea about what i am saying here, then worry not! By the time you finish

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