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The Great mix of Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing

Can you just blurt at your social media audience and sleep off think your job is done? How can you differentiate between print/television marketing and social media marketing? The major difference between social media marketing and other forms of marketing is that you don’t just say but you converse in

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The future is mobile internet – Are you ready???

2012 was certainly the year of Social Media, and the upcoming two years are going to be of Mobile Internet Devices and Smartphone. The mobile applications have done an enormus change in the life of all. By the end of this year, the number of mobile devices on this planet

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Keyword Planner – Replacing the keyword tool in Google’s armory !

Marching ahead with time, Google has disavowed the Keyword tool, and come up with the latest addition in its armory in the form of ‘The Keyword Planner Tool’. The tool is being looked upon as something Big, as Google says that with the help of this tool you will be

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Google Data Board – Full Of Surprises

‘The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change’ These are the words of Greek Philosopher Heraclitus. And, Google is one organization where this success mantra is followed to the core. Always in the thick of things for bringing innovations in the web world, Google has come up with another innovative

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Best ways to save your website from Google’s Web Spam Sherriff !!

Google always has its own way of doing things. And, in its voyage to root out ‘Black Hat SEO Tactics’, Google came up with the latest update in its Web spam Sherriff’s (Penguin Algorithm) armory in the form of ‘Penguin 2.0 Update’. Before we move into the topic of discussion,

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