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The Clandestine of Becoming A Successful Content Writer

Content has emerged as the most important aspect of internet marketing. Considering the fact that Google has declared content as the untamed king, there has been rise in the demand of quality content in the web world. This is the reason why content writers have become such an important and

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The Upcoming Content Marketing Trends for the Year 2014

Content was in the spotlight in the year 2013, as far as search engine ratings and Google was concerned. It was the newly crowned king in the web world last year. But, the year has come to an end. And, with that the trends are going to change for sure

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Powerful Words to Halt Your Visitors !

Words play magnets for very first time visitors. Mostly you see people following few websites happily, talking enthusiastically about blogs, spreading word about the blogs they have read and you wonder how are people able to create such impactful write ups? Like stories of life, each word has a story

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A bad idea can lead to great content! Can it?

There are times when you have a number of ideas running in your mind when thinking of writing content on the web. However, there are such times as well when your brain is frozen and all the ideas that come into your mind simply don’t seem to fit in what

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Curation – The new art in content!

If you are amongst those people who believe that duplicate content has no worth, then Content Curation is definitely something that you must read about. Not many people know that Curation is a past art that has been with us since ages. Museums have curators who select items for display

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4 winning tips to build an Audience with Content Marketing

For those of you who are still new to this term, let me first of all provide you a definition of the term Content Marketing – ‘Content Marketing is a marketing process to attract and retain customers by consistently creating and curating content in order to change or enhance the

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