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How Can You Get More Customers Without Added Costs?

I remember one of my friends telling me how hard it was for him to retain existing customers with his organisation when they were going away with similar products coming up in the market. And also he told me about the amount of efforts he would make to get new

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4 Old School Marketing Methods That Still Hold Power!

It’s a great feeling to stay upgraded with the technology. You are able to get the latest updates and implement them into your ventures for profits, but do you always get the desired results with these innovative techniques? Sometimes you implement new boons of technology into your marketing strategies expecting

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Keeping an eye on your Marketing Drives is the key to success !

There is no arguing the fact that marketing is the need of hour for any business these days. Keeping in mind that you need to target maximum number of audience for your product, coming up with an effective online marketing campaign is a must. However, the battle does not end

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Questions you must ask yourself before marketing your business online

Internet marketing is one of the fastest growing industries, and online marketing has become the need of hour for every business. With the Big bang that internet has had on every facet of business, marketing strategies have also been impacted a lot. Keeping in mind the gains that business owners

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The real game behind inbound internet marketing!

Marketing has been an integral part of businesses since ancient times. With the evolution of technology and internet, marketing strategies have also seen a huge change. Inbound marketing has emerged as a much preferred option as compared to outbound marketing.     Let us have a little comparison before stepping

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7 ways to turn your website into a money making machine!

Did you think that a website can be a potential source of income for you? Yes, it can be! If you have a website with a decent amount of traffic coming on it, then it can turn out to be a potential money making machine. Wondering how? Making money from

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