Search Engine Optimization

Number of Landing Pages – How many are too many?

First things first, let’s talk about landing page and what it does for your business. ‘A single web page that appears in response to clicking on a search engine optimized search result or an online advertisement is known as a landing page or simply a lander’ Why is a landing page so

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10 Step Guide To Dominate Local Search

Before we take our first steps towards this discussion, let us have a look some eye opening facts about local searches – 1/5 number of searches on Google are for local business information Majority of the searchers (approximately 70%) employ local search to find offline businesses The number of local

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Tips to Overcome the Situation When Website is Not Doing well in Search Results!

Is your website not appearing in Google’s search results? Do you think that the performance of your website is going down as compared to earlier time? If the answer to any of the above mentioned questions is in affirmative, then there are some quick fixes that you can employ to

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