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Creative Ways to Use Instagram for Business

Are you upgraded with all the know how’s of social media? If yes, then how well versed are you with Instagram? Are thinking about the term? Oh well, then stop digging too deep into your mind for hints and read on. What is Instagram? Instagram is a free social networking

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Ways To Increase Your Pinterest Followers

What does the mention of social media bring to your mind? Facebook? Twitter? If you can take only these two names then there is a lot of home work that you need to do before you read on. There are many other popular social media networks and Pinterest is one

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5 reasons that make Facebook the need of hour for modern day businesses

Listed amongst the top 5 online tools for businesses, Facebook has no doubt become the need of hour for every business owner. Keeping in mind the popularity of the website, and the fact that billions of people are there on this social network, marketers have devised strategies to make the

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Know ‘LinkedIn Contacts’ before you ‘use’ or ‘abuse’ them.

“It serves as full replacement for your default contacts application,” these are the words of Sachin Rekhi, who is currently the Product Lead for contacts at LinkedIn. Further elaborating on why the platform has been developed, this former CEO of ‘Connected’ explained that Sachin Rekhi’s Take –  ‘Professional networking is

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Boost Your Business Sales and Revenue With Twitter

Twitter can help in boosting your business sales and revenues. One question that rises here instantly is, how? Well, if stats are to be believed then – 1/3rd of twitter users of the world follow at least one or more brands 67% of these users actually buy  from the brands

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Pinterest – The big bang in the e-commerce circuit!

It’s all in the figures! If you want to have an idea about the impact of Pinterest on ecommerce websites, then you can get to know about it all in the figures mentioned below.     Let us have a look – 1.   Growing Popularity – did you know that

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Tips To Get Your Topic Listed Amongst Twitter Trends

Trending topics have been a huge matter of discussion amongst webmasters all over the world. First of all I would like to put your glance towards one of the most powerful social networks on the World Wide Web currently i.e. Twitter. To make something popular on this network is what

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