Desmond Ong – Magnetic Commissions

Launching and cost details: A new product named Magnetic Commissions, founded by Internet entrepreneur Desmond Ong will go live in the near future. It will be launched on August 30th, 2013.This product is going to cost you about $37 and ticket value lies in the range $1 to $197 at the Jvnewswatch website

Descriptions and features: If you want an honest way to start making real commissions on a daily basis with a system that is 100% free, no monthly fees, no signing up friends, family or making phone calls to acquiescence, then this is a best option for you. This system provides

  • 100% FREE to get started
  • FREE exclusive training to help you start making 400+ starting off
  • FREE capture page (35%-50% conversion rate)
  • FREE Marketing system
  • FREE Automated sales funnel
  • FREE Email auto-responder

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