Google Data Board – Full Of Surprises

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‘The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change’

These are the words of Greek Philosopher Heraclitus.

And, Google is one organization where this success mantra is followed to the core. Always in the thick of things for bringing innovations in the web world, Google has come up with another innovative creation, this time to make data sharing much easier for businesses.

Google Databoard is the tool that we are talking about here.

In words of Adam Grunewald, Google’s mobile marketing manager,

It’s important for businesses to stay up to date about the most recent research and insights related to their industry. Unfortunately, with so many new studies and with data being updated so often, it can difficult to keep up.

 To make life a bit easier, we created the Databoard for Research Insights, which allows people to explore and interact with some of Google’s recent research in a unique and immersive way

Google Databoard – the tool:

Before we move into the details of the tool, let us first of all have a sneak peak about what the tool actually looks like.

Here is a snapshot of the Databoard for Research insights tools –


Google Databoard


In a description about Databoard, posted on its Blog, Google has described it as

Databoard is a brand new initiative that allows marketers to display data and insights in a beautiful way while making it easy for viewers to explore, extract, and share’ 

What’s so unique about it?

In Grunewald’s words,

Businesses need to look across multiple pieces of research to craft a comprehensive business or marketing strategy. Databoard allows users to curate a customized infographic out of the charts or data points you find important across multiple Google research studies’

Optimized for Desktop, Laptops as well as tablets, Google Databoard brings for the users, some amazing features which are –

  • Stats Availability – Google Databoard for research insights makes availability of statistics in easily digestible format and let them speak for themselves, giving you the option to access robust and trustworthy  data

Google Data board Stats


  • Create custom inforgraphics – with the ‘Add to infographic’ feature, you can create custom infographic and add any data point as per your needs

Build your Inforgraphics


  • Individual data point sharing access – rather than drifting your friends towards an entire new study, you can simply direct them to the exact point that you wanted to share 

Share data to social sites


So, now you can share data across Google +, Twitter, Facebook, and your email. Although LinkedIn is missing from here, but there is a solution for that as well. You can copy a URL directly and share any individual data point!


Although, currently there are only a few options are underway in the Google Databoard for research insights, but in coming times it is for sure that the research options are going to increase.

Currently there are just 4 options which are –

  • Our Mobile Planet
  • Mobile Research Moments
  • Mobile in Store Research
  • New Multi Screen World

Google Data Board Research Options


The topics here reflect that Mobile Marketing is the hottest topic of research in the market presently, with Smartphone market expanding at such a fast speed. However, what Databoard will have for future use, we all have to wait and watch!!

Concluding this discussion in what Grunewald had to say about Google Databoard for Research Insights,

“Most research studies set out to answer a specific question, like how people use their smartphones in store, or how a specific type of consumer shops, and Google Databoard has been designed to address this specific need of users,

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