Sales call??? Make It Your Cup Of Online Tea!

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Sales Calling

Have you ever thought of calling people as an important part of your online ventures? The trend of the web points out social media platforms as the most wanted way of making contact and developing business ideas. It’s time to bust a myth and tell you that some clever online entrepreneurs are holding the phones in their hands and stealing the deals from you!

Whoever said, calling is only for offline business models, knew almost nothing about business. In fact getting in touch with people over phone is a quicker way it gain access and hit your goals. Because it’s a relatively new concept for online ventures, here’s my take and few fundamentals for sales calling:


Before you think you can call someone for a healthy conversation, it’s important to conduct research and prepare notes. It may sound childish but that’s how you can walk smoothly without committing errors. I remember having called HR of a well acclaimed company and reporting her internet issues at my place. It was a blunder. This happens when you don’t prepare notes. Streamline your contact list with the purpose you want to call them for.


Because your aim with every call is either to close a deal or to make a sale or rope in a new customer, you cannot rule out the value of being professional. Friendly tone is great but friendly words don’t always work. Start with a professional greeting like, Good morning Mr. X, Good afternoon Ms. Z, Good evening Mrs. Y and so on. Address people with appropriate prefixes and make sure to get the pronunciation of their names correct. Also however your call interaction has been, end it with a polite greeting. Patience is the key!


Instead of jumping on to your product direct after greetings, seize an opportunity to introduce yourself. Let people know who you are and from where are you calling. Example: “Good evening Mr. Jordan, I am Marie calling from xyz consulting services. We are a local organisation offering employability solutions to people since last eight years.” Tell something about your business but don’t reveal it all. Build a bit of curiosity to get them on line for a longer time.

Purpose of call

Without wasting any moment, after introduction, get straight to the point. Reveal the purpose of your call, pitch your product/ elevate your sales pitch/ introduce your new venture or whatever you had called for. Remember you have called potential people, their time is precious and beating around the bush will take you nowhere. Be precise and relevant.

Fix your meeting

If the purpose of your call was to craft a face to face meeting, do that by all means. Use compelling words, prepare your convincing speech well in advance and be prepared for any alterations required. Be firm in your thoughts but be soft in pressing for another interaction if it requires pushing a little more. And if you are lucky to get someone on line who is ready for a full fledged interaction there and then only, have a back up for that too!


The word Thank You holds world in it. Thank you can get you more than what you had just thought. With these words you send a special message across that you value time of people and you are grateful to them. You can send a special thank you text message on phone or via email too. It is also a way to gain loyalty for future endeavours.

Reminders and follow-ups 

Don't Forget

Because there was some purpose that made you call someone, follow ups and reminders are must. If you set meeting, send a confirmation message or if you have promised to send some free samples confirm their processing with a message. Sometimes people tend to forget things in their busy lives and a gentle reminder in that case gets a happy embrace.

Try these tips and see the change in your online campaigns. I am sure these tricks will get a smile on your face.

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