Stefan H + Mike S – BTC Robot – The First Bitcoin Robot

Both Stefan H and Mike S are the founders of The First Bitcoin Robot. It will be launched on August 13th 2013 and its pre launches begin on Tuesday, August 13th 2013. It is world’s first currency robot that uses the technology called cypto-currency, which allows people to transfer money, accept payments, repay debts and make transactions without the presence of banks and other financial institutions.

Brief Description: Basically, the robot can transfer Bitcoins through computers and smart phones. With the use of open-source cryptographic protocol, Bitcoin robot can connect to the central authority through internet-based network for confirming transactions. In near future Bitcoin will be beneficial for stock marketers, merchants and some individuals around the globe.

Features: it has following features

  • Capable of transferring between arbitrary nodes on the network
  • Capable of doing irreversible transaction
  • Capable of using block chain to prevent double spending
  • Capable of broadcasting transactions within seconds
  • Capable of processing money issuance
  • Capable of receiving transaction whether the device is turned on or off

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