Tips To Get Your Topic Listed Amongst Twitter Trends

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Twitter Trends

Trending topics have been a huge matter of discussion amongst webmasters all over the world.

First of all I would like to put your glance towards one of the most powerful social networks on the World Wide Web currently i.e. Twitter. To make something popular on this network is what is referred to as Twitter Trends or trending a topic on twitter.

What are these trending topics that we are talking about?

According to Twitter, “

Twitter Trends are a list of topics, generated by an algorithm, which are being talked about the most. It is an attempt to put forward the ‘most breaking’ breaking news from all across the globe, on real time. It captures the hottest emerging topics, out of the most popular ones that are being discussed.

In other words, trending topics is a list of the most frequently used hashtags on Twitter that engage maximum attention from the people, and become hot topics of discussion. However, this list was not always there.

In 2007, during the California wildfires that hit San Diego County, Nate Ridder (a native of San Diego County) used #sandiegofire in his posts on this topic.

And, during the election protests of Iran (2009-10), writing twitter posts with a hashtag became a trend and was used in both English and Persian Languages.

Looking at the popularity and ease of searching related topics as a group, Twitter started to hyperlink all the hashtags in tweets to Tweet Search Results for that particularly hash tagged word. And, trending topics were added to twitter’s homepage in 2010. Twitter on its blog made an announcement on March 30, 2010 that ‘it would be scrolling out a list of trending topics on the homepage.’

And, trending topic list has been a part of Twitter since then!

What is Trending on Twitter

  • Can you be also a part of this trending topic list???
  •  Are there any tips on how to make into this list of trending topics on Twitter???

These are some of questions that might have risen in your mind after going through the above mentioned content.

The answer to all these is YES!!

  • You can also make your topic a part of Twitter Trends!
  • There are various strategies that you can employ to get your topic listed amongst Twitter Trends

Now, let us discuss about them one by one. First of all have a look some tips regarding ‘how to make it to the list?’ –

Facts about Twitter trending topic

These are some easy tips that you can employ.

Now let us have a look at some Don’ts that you need to keep in mind. Two most important things that need to be discussed here are –

1. Don’t overkill – over tagging a particular keyword in a single tweet is a BIG NO!! Using 2 hashtags per tweet is generally recommended, and more than that is probably overkill!

2. Don’t be irrelevant – never mix and match, and try to be relevant to the topic. Using hashtags which are irrelevant to the topic are not going to take you anywhere

Now, last but not the least one question that arises here is that

‘Is there any particular criterion that Twitter follows to make a topic ‘a Trending Topic’??

The answer to that lies in the fact that Twitter has this database that picks ups the hottest topics of discussion going around, and then list them in its Trending Topics Section!

There have always been discussions about many seemingly deserving topics not making it to the list. What is the reason behind it?

However, as per the answers provided by Twitter professionals, the algorithm automatically picks up the topics based on engagement of people and the data collected & interpreted by the database!

So, keeping all the above mentioned things in mind, gear up to be a part of twitter trends!!!


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