Project Launch Management

Launching in rightful manner is the key to a successful project!

And, with our Project Launch Management service we will make sure that there are no roadblocks in the path of success for your project.

As per the requirement, we have divided the entire launch program into three phases. Discussing one phase at a time, here is a look at how we will approach towards your product's launching –

  1. The Preparation Phase :- good preparation means we have won half the battle before even starting. So, preparation is a must before actually going ahead with the launch. Below mentioned are the steps that are a part of this initial preparation –
    • Brainstorming about the JV page
    • Conversion of the ideas discussed during brainstorming into content ( with the help of writer who has previously been involved in creation of sales pages which have converted through gateways like ClickBank, or similar reputed platforms)
    • Designing an up to the mark sales page (with the help of graphic designers) and connecting it to payment gateways
    • Completion of the page by adding content to the page, and connecting it to the Affiliate System (autopilot and similar others)

    It is important to make good online presence of the author before we actually launch the program. To make sure that no stone is left unturned for the same, we have team of 15 SEO/SMO executives who will take at least 4 weeks. (To save time, it can be started alongside the above mentioned steps)

    Once all the above mentioned steps have been taken care of, and you are satisfied with the groundwork, we can set a date for invite on JV and other platforms, and further invite the clients through Paid Marketing Campaigns like PPC, FB Ads, and Media Buys, to name a few, also keeping into consideration the size of your pocket.

  2. The Launch Phase :- the launch phase has been sub-divided into-
    • Selecting a target audience depending upon what product you have created
    • Analyzing the competitors in the market, what they are offering and what platforms they are using to catch the eye of the affiliates
    • In the next step we will review what exactly is our expectation? How many affiliates are we expecting, and what will be the revenue that we are going to generate from our expected affiliates. Based on all these, we are finally going to work out the calculations
    • Keeping an eye on expenses and working out all the above mentioned calculations, we will set-up a budget (this will be the amount that will be spent on attracting new affiliates, payouts, incentives and prizes etc.)
    • One of the most important steps of this entire venture is to decide whether we are going to utilize an affiliate network as our affiliate management platform or will we be running an in-house affiliate management or go for outsourced program management
    • Next, we are going to decide the Commission Model as well as the Payment Cycle (PPC/PPS/PPL) with a payout time of Net 30/60 days
    • Based on the above mentioned permutations and combinations, we are finally going to create
      1. A Search Marketing Policy
      2. A Trademark Usage Policy (for affiliates)
      3. An Affiliate Program Page (for the website)
      4. Policies for fraud, refunds, affiliate agreements
      5. Logos/Banners/Reports that can be branded/Emails/Content (Articles)

    And, finally go ahead to announce the Affiliate Program on platforms like JVNotifyPro or, so as to attract as many affiliates as possible for the product you have created.

    Once all that has been taken care of, we will eventually submit the program to different directories and let the affiliates flow come in.

  3. The Recruitment Phase :- after the submission of programs, we have to wait in for the affiliates to come. This is where the recruitment phase starts. Here is a look at what we do in the recruitment phase –
    • Welcome the affiliates recruited with a ‘Welcome E-mail’ that contains the contact details of the affiliate manager
    • Keep the affiliates updated about the program with timely newsletters (sent weekly/fortnightly/monthly). This mail can be regarding the promotions, incentives or ways to promote the product
    • Maintain the record of website traffic by keeping an eye on the daily clicks, conversions and EPC
    • And, lastly the lucrative part i.e. dispatch the commission keeping into consideration the frauds and refunds

    In extreme circumstances (Worst Case Scenario) i.e. when the conversion rates are seemingly below the expected figures we will improve the marketing channels to reach the targets. Not only that, we will also keep an eye on the changing needs of the market and be ready with up-to date materials for new affiliates to help them in promotions.

    Looking at all the above mentioned points you can understand that the launch is not going to be an overnight process, and it is going to take time for the perfect launch to be scheduled. Therefore, you need to be patient for the entire duration, and we will make sure that every second of your time that you will wait is going to be paid off well.

      Besides all the above mentioned features, we will also help you launch a help-desk to cater the ever-changing needs of your customers. Here are the steps that will explain how we are going to do that –
    • Sign up for Help Desk Software like Kayako or Zendesk. (Our recommendation is to go for Zendesk as it is lot more user friendly than others)
    • Set up a knowledge base to help users get answers to common questions
    • Divide the help desk into sections based on different departments (just to streamline the flow and provide quick resolution)
    • Developed canned messages i.e. messages containing start of the body and signature (this will ensure quick response to the queries)
    • Keep an eye on the reporting section (to make sure that the entire help desk segment is robust and refined, with customers queries being resolved in the desired time frame, and in an effective manner)
      Once the help desk has been set up, it is going to take care of –
    • All the queries posted by the customers in minimum time frame
    • Keep the customers updated about the latest happenings (any changes in the website, additions or any problems like server breakdown, to name a few)
    • Help them hand held assistance if required (in extreme cases where the customer is unable to understand the program)
    • Take care of the mistakes/errors/bugs as soon as possible
    • Handle the problem tickets in a professional and legible manner (replying in friendly, calm and composed manner)
    • Keep a track of the complaints (maintain a database of all the calls/tickets received, and step by step by record of how they were resolved, to serve as the reference guide in the future)
    • Last, but not the least, maintain a follow up to let the customer know that you care about him/her

    Leaving these entire things aside, we are also going to develop some up sells such as ‘Done for You Website’, Software Tools, Additional Support, or Similar things.

    Most importantly an ‘On Coaching Program’ to recover your affiliate as well as product cost! (From a third party)

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